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We are growing!

At Primate Capital we are growing our team! As a newly established startup, we plan to grow quickly. The work at Primate Capital is fast-paced and demands to be exact. To ensure a high performing team we have designed our own assessment process. After the application is submitted we will perform a pre-selection and notify the candidates if they have been pre-selected or not. The candidates who make it to the pre-selection will need to perform an assessment test (max. duration 2h) in order to be eligible for the position. After the assessment test is successfully accomplished, the candidate will be notified with the final decision. Between the assessment test and the final decision an interview could take place.

Our philosophy is to work until it works. As we constantly engage in difficult challenges that seem impossible, we know that we have to persevere in order to achieve. Long-term perseverance is only achieved with passion, the main quality that we look for.

We know how hard it is to gain experience in the DeFi field, therefore we welcome new talents eager to learn and develop themselves in this field, to apply, even if all the requirements are not complied.