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Data use agreement

This data use agreement (DUA) applies to all the free data distributed through the websites operated by Primate Capital (hereinafter, "us", "we", or “Primate Capital”), including, without limitation, the website currently located at Downloads of example data and full datasets, are subjected to use as outlined in this data use agreement. By downloading any type of data from this website, you agree to the data use agreement.

(1) Uses

Both, example datasets and full datasets, can be used for private and institutional/commercial research purposes, including academic research. The data can be modified and it can be showcased freely according to paragraph (2) of this data use agreement. Any type of modification of the data is allowed. Selling or re-distributing the data to third-parties is not allowed under this data use agreement.

(2) Attribution

Primate Capital should be cited when publishing or showcasing data that falls under this data use agreement, including any type of re-work or modification that took Primate Capital's data as a baseline. Taking Primate Capital data as a baseline means using the raw data offered by us as such or/and modifying the data in any form, including conclusions arising from using the data. Attributions should take form of a mention on the text discussing the data/figures/tables generated from Primate Capital's data.

(3) Disclaimer

The data  is intended for research purposes only and does not constitute the provision of investment advice, and is not intended to do so. Primate Capital specifically disclaim all liability for any direct, indirect, consequential, or other losses or damages arising from any reliance on this data. Trading cryptocurrencies, derivatives, and structured products may involve a high degree of risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. Under some market conditions, it may be impossible to liquidate a position. Investors may suffer substantial losses and even lose the entire amount of their investment.

(4) Feedback

If you would like to ask questions or provide comments regarding this data use agreement (DUA), you may do so by sending us an email at