About the project

Our mission is to offer the needed infrastructure to manage DeFi portfolios successfully, covering the entire investment cycle, from the strategy discovery process to the evaluation of exited strategies.

Given the new market dynamics that decentralized finance has brought on to the table, investors need a deep understanding of their portfolios and the factors influencing them. Experience has taught us that DeFi investment questions, can only be answered with data. DeFi's de facto transparency offers a lot of data that, when used correctly, leads to the best decisions.

As experienced DeFi investors, we are focused on building unique infrastructure to assist us and our clients during the entire investment cycle.

Agility in the jungle

Agility in the jungle is our motto. Entering the DeFi space is subjected to high entry barriers. In our eyes, entering DeFi nowadays, is like entering an unknown jungle. Entering an unexplored jungle with the wrong equipment will lead to disorientation and could be fatal, while entering it with the right equipment will result in agile navigation.

Because we have the expertise, because we are constantly watching the market and because we solely rely on data, we are able to offer the equipment needed to be agile in the crypto asset jungle.